Led media Truck
Ultra-visible OOH* Media

A dynamic led screen display for a huge impact

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The new generation of moving led display

The led advertising truck combines the agility of digital, the impact of audio visuals and the incredible impact of a geo-targeted campaign.

20 M²
of screens

A led screen display on 270° (2 lateral screens, 1 rear screen)

  • to catch the whole city’s attention


Vivid colours and exceptional Brightness

  • for Day&Night Attraction

Embedded Audio

The possibility to combine an Audio message.

  • for a Higher impact for the campaigns

Stationary or Moving

The advertising led truck realizes a course adapted with flow of the city

  • to share a better message to your audience.

Leader in Europe

The Ads led truck is a media solution of Drive pub led company. The Ads led truck is available everywhere in France and several European countries.


Fleet of 1 to 10 mobilizable pub led trucks

European coverage

A la carte courses

Eclusive Option

Rotation or Exclusive Campaign

Customized Duration

Day, week or month, Day &/or Night

Control & monitoring

Detailed and quantified report

Reponsible approach

CSR approach Eco-responsible


Captivating/Attracting rate

59 %

Memorization rate

-29 %

Less expensive VS a static Ads campaign

94 %

Awareness and perception rate

+35 %

Useful contact VS static Ads Campaign


With Drive Pub LED it’s so simple to Perform


Start your campaign in 3 steps


Reserve your led Ads Campaign

Choose the duration (day, week, month…)And a type of package, Sharing or Exclusive.


Send your Campaign

Image Video, Video, Image…

→ JPEG, PNG, H264, 1024 x 512


Follow your campaign

Your LED TRUCK © is geolocated


Do you need to custom your campaign?

Contact us!

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