Led Media Bike /Led Ads Bike
The Interactive eco-friendly led bike.

The led Ads Bike:
A modern urban media to catch the attention and create connection

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Conquering Urban Targets

The LED MEDIA BIKE© is an original creation of Drive Pub Led. Fun and innovative, the ads led bike adapts to all needs.

3 Led screens

3 2m² 4k led screens.

  • To brodcast in UHD on 360° with embedded Audio.


Inside/outside, pedestrian zones.

  • The bike goes where other media stop to reach the heart of the city.

Direct Interactivity

The bike is not only a powerful broadcaster.

  • It’s also a media for sharing (touch screens, distribution of goodies, Qrcodes, smartphones connection….)


The electrically-assisted bike carries a message in itself:Moern

  • Communication is Eco-friendly.

"The advertising Led Bike is the ally of creative and responsible brands"

How to emerge and differentiate today in high-density urban areas, where competition for attention is fierce? And how, at the same time, to fulfill its social responsibility objectives? This is the complex equation that modern brands must solve for their reputation and image. The answer lies in creativity on all fronts, with well-constructed AND well-delivered messages. The new generation OOH LED BICYCLE advertising media, gathers all the required qualitieswith a unique impact / eco-responsibility mix. It is up to brands to make the most of its capabilities by conducting creative, interactive, cross-media campaigns... Drive Pub Led is there to help them on the whole "digital chain", from the conception of the campaign to the qualification of the prospects.

The Creative circle

LED MEDIAL BIKE is an Drive Pub Led solution


100% roving Tractation Pickup

Urban coverage

A la carte courses without constraints


A social media that generates engagement

Custom Duration

Day, week, month, day&night

Tracking & control

Detailed and quantified reporting


Eco friendly approach CE Standards


Captivating/Attracting rate

59 %

Memorization rate

-29 %

Less expensive VS a static Ads campaign

94 %

Awareness and perception rate

+35 %

Useful contact VS static Ads Campaign

With Drive Pub LED it’s so simple to Perform


Start your campaign in 3 steps


Reserve your led Ads Campaign

Choose the duration (day, week, month…)And a type of package, Sharing or Exclusive.


Send your Campaign

Image Video, Video, Image…

→ JPEG, PNG, H264, 1024 x 512


Follow your campaign

Your LED BIKE © is geolocated


Do you need to custom your campaign?

Contact us!

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